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“I promise you can trust Alex to make your dream come true."

Celebrating Life through unique, meaningful ceremonies

I am here to help you share the incredible love that you feel, with all those who matter to you, in a meaningful, personalised and creative wedding ceremony.


You want a reflection of who you truly are - together, and individually, within your families and communities. You want an unforgettable, ritual experience that is true to your beliefs and personalities. 


It needs to be honest, it needs to be real - and, above all, it needs to be FUN.


A fully personalised, intentional ceremony is the beating heart of your wedding day - and an investment in your marriage.

There are many different ways of relating and committing in this evolving world. The power of a real life love story, and  the coming together of people in a collective, life-affirming event, is everything.


If you are committing to marriage, you want your relationship to last. You want to share something of your relationship with your guests - a flavour of what you have gone through, what holds you together, what you are celebrating. The story of what you’ve come through and why you are choosing to marry each other, in the way that you are, is inspirational. It’s real.


A wedding, in many ways, is an act of loving generosity for friends and family. You are not getting married because you need to, but because you wish to. 


A consciously curated wedding ceremony is an intimate gift to everyone you invite in. 

"If you're looking for a customized, non-traditional, anything is possible ceremony that you and your guests will remember for years to come - Alex can't be beat."

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