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Porth-en-alls, Cornwall

October 2021

Bee Briggs porthenalls wedding ceremony kiss.jpg

Matt and Annabel had been holding out for their 'real wedding' since Covid hit. 


During lockdown they went ahead with their civil ceremony booking at the register office. But it wasn't a done deal until they held the wedding ceremony of their choosing at this special spot in Cornwall. 


Bee's family have been holidaying here for as long as she could remember. Overlooking a beautiful, private cove, the old house creaking and full of character - the place was a guest in its own right. 


There was an accumulated energy here, with many friends and family - and friends of family - joining them for holidays over the years, and then all converging for the wedding. 


The ceremony was in the walled garden, the party was in a marquee on the cliffs, and plenty of sea swimming!

"Dearest Alex,

Thank you so much for everything. Our wedding ceremony was truly spectacular and special. The ceremony was everything (and more!) that we could have wished for and that was down to you. It wasn't just the ceremony itself though - all of our sessions beforehand were so valuable and gave so much meaning to the ceremony, our relationship, and our marriage going forward.


We are going to revisit our vows and all of the answers to the questions you asked us each year on our anniversary. It felt SO much more powerful doing that work and answering those questions than just turning up and repeating vows like last year. We feel like we have set up proper foundations and promises to each other now. We really feel so fortunate to have gone on this journey with you. As soon as we met you it felt like we had known you forever and we really hope to always keep in touch. It felt like a friend marrying us!

You are so talented, funny, kind and supportive and we really can't thank you enough. It was so very special... on what was the happiest and most special day of our lives!

All our love and thanks."

~ B & B ~

Wedding videography by Harris Cade

Wedding Planner | Jenny Wrens

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