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Celebrating the life of a loved one who has died and being with the complex emotions that their death evokes, is one of the most profound ceremonial experiences we can encounter.


Family relationships are rarely straightforward and there can be certain dynamics that feel all the more sensitive through death. There is much about the death industry that feels impersonal and mechanical, when the spirit and life of the person who has died is anything but. You want to tailor a funeral ceremony that does justice to their life. 


Holding a ceremony that truly honours the life and death of a person, and saying what needs to be said with strength and compassion, is one of the most vital experiences that I've had. 

"Only one week after our wedding, my Grandfather passed away. He couldn’t be there to see me get married because he hadn’t been well. There was only one person I knew that would have the ability to help guide me and my family through the time of his funeral, giving him the goodbye that he deserved. For me, having Alex lead that ceremony was my way of bringing my wedding to Pops during his passing.

Alex held the space with a respect and power that my Granddad would have appreciated greatly. Though a very difficult time for us all, Alex connected with the entire family with a familiarity that felt like decades in the making.

I cannot recommend Alex enough; she has guided me through two of the most impactful periods of my life, on both sides of the emotional spectrum."


Funeral Ceremony | from £400


Every process is a little different because people and family situations are different - these timings are a rough guide based on my past experience, to show you what is involved in creating this kind of ceremony. 


* 1 hour briefing (email communications, online call)


2-3 hours of interview calls with family & friends (with preparation & follow up notes)


6 hours or more of scriptwriting and editing (including back/forth revisions between us)


1 hours (ish) of communications


1 day travelling to/from & performing the funeral ceremony (depending on your location)


Travel costs and any possible accommodation needs are additional to the fee. 


I usually ask for 30% of the fee as a booking deposit, and the remainder can be paid by agreement

Proudly associated with two local suppliers for conscientious & sustainable funerals:

Ecological Coffins are based close to Cardigan in West Wales and make unique, quality, simple and affordable coffins from recycled wood.


Their coffins are suitable for burial or cremation and have full CCSA accreditation.

Eco Coffins NO date.png
Bargoed Natural Burials.png

One of only four natural burial grounds in the whole of Wales, Bargoed is dedicated to providing natural and sustainable burials for the local community that provides less of an impact on the environment than more traditional interments.


Located in Saron, North West Carmarthenshire.

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