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Seckford Hall, Suffolk

July 2022

Seckford hall humanist bespoke wedding ceremony 5.jpg

This was a surprisingly tricky wedding ceremony - the bride did NOT like speaking in public, and the couple were so happy and content, there was nothing they felt they needed to promise each other!


This was both Dave and Kate's second wedding. The ceremony acknowledged that history and the truth of divorce and its impact on their families - celebrating the amazing fact that this family has held strong and recomposed itself over the fault lines of divorce. 

Both Kate and Dave surprised each other with secret vows (i.e. revealed on the day, with the other not expecting anything coming) about pledging allegiance to Chelsea (despite being a lifelong Arsenal fan) and making a true, genuine effort to watch Love Island


It was unbridled joy with an incredibly vast network of siblings, half-siblings, and step-siblings - who all choose to remain steadfast family and can party together all night long!

"What makes Alex Crampton and Alex the Celebrant different? 


Here's my view:


Traditional church and registry office offerings still have their place and their emotional attachment for many. White dresses and veils, traditional venues & administrators, ceremonies, words, and songs – all delivered in the same civic room facilities or on church pews and alters that have been used for centuries. 


But times have changed, and modern thinking, venues and adaptations of the traditional wedding ceremony are now available for all. We wanted something different, and far more personal – something that told our special story and embraced our family and other loved ones.


Which is precisely the space that Alex sits in, although this doesn't begin to explain the entire story of her magical, modern option for a consciously coupling celebration! 


Forget an off-the-shelf solution that will differ merely with names and songs. In contrast, Alex brings her bespoke option to a marriage ceremony, because she had previously spent time getting to know us, her special customers; coaxing and cajoling stories and anecdotes from us, to ultimately shape her approach to the day. 


Alex also spoke with the people who know the couple best – our immediate loved ones and wider family and friends – to bring a wealth of background together into a purpose-built ceremony that was truly unique for us. 

She captured our hearts and minds; our personalities, including our most positive quirks and eccentricities; our vision for the future and our undoubted love for one another. 


Alex conveyed our story perfectly, for us and for those who celebrated our special occasion with us. They too became part of the story, faultlessly embraced in a single narrative that captivated all, and drew smiles and laughter in equal measure. 


We'd first witnessed the magic that Alex brought to another family celebration, so we immediately decided to entrust our day into her very great care. So we are well placed to advocate Alex Crampton the Celebrant as a Master of her trade, an administer who will ensure you capture a very special moment in your life together as a couple. 


Alex the Celebrant and Alex Crampton the person left us with the warmest of glows and the widest of smiles, our guests applauding a service that would never be forgotten, as part of a day that will forever remain fresh in our memory.


Alex a friend forever."

~ DAVE ~

Photos by Gary Heasman

Magic by the awesome Matthew Le Mottée

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