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Prittlewell Priory, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

June 2022

Michelle Michael bespoke wedding ceremony 09.26.06.jpg

Michael and Michelle's wedding was a mixture of intimate, family occasion meets 'Princess-for-a-Day'. They chose their beautiful venue because of its history and location; a park that they visit almost every week.


Engaged for over ten years, Michelle and Michael finally made this wedding happen following the death of a much loved relative. They felt that bringing family together and creating life-affirming memories was not only important, but necessary. There was no more time to waste.


The unusual 'traverse' set up for the ceremony's seating created the intimate experience that Michael and Michelle wanted. Everyone could see each other, everyone was on show - they were all doing it together. 


The result was one of the most emotional and heartfelt ceremonies I've been involved with, to date. 


Michael and Michelle have kindly consented for me to share their intimate ceremony, so that you can see what is possible when you choose to marry in this way. 

"Both Michael and I had different reasons for wanting to get married but we both agreed that it needed to be personal to us and meaningful. When we contacted Alex she was really helpful, she explained the process, our options and basically held our hands through it all from start to finish.


Alex was easy to work with and we had several meetings where we discussed ideas and talked through potential vow content. What i really enjoyed about the process was being able to tell our story and have a creative expert put the information we gave her into an amazing ceremony.

I felt really comfortable trusting her to lead us through the ceremony on the day and to be completely honest it was everything I could have hoped for.

So many people came up to us afterwards with praise and admiration for such a unique and emotive experience and one couple has even reconsidered marriage after attending our wedding because of how good Alex was in making the day so personal and special.

Even if you're not sure whether a celebrant wedding is for you I would strongly recommend having a consultation with Alex just so you can make an informed choice but trust me it will make it one of the most memorable days of your life."



Photos by Tom Humble | The Humble Photography Co & guests

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