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Speech Coaching (online) | £111 per hour

Nervous about giving a speech?


There are a few techniques that can transform a speech, either during the wedding ceremony or in the celebrations after it.


You may have a close friend who you want to perform the wedding ceremony for you, or you may be giving a speech at the wedding of someone you love. You love them and don't want to let them down through your nerves about public speaking! 


Don't worry - I've got you.


I bring a wealth of experience from a past career as a theatre director, working with actors to coax the finest of performances. Nuanced delivery, assured timing, connection to your material, physicality and breathing are all essential things we'll cover and practice. 


Develop a confident, loving speech that articulates your emotions whilst honouring your own character and integrity.


I'll set preparation and follow-up homework to maximise our time together, whether you need one call or a short series. 


If you want help with writing your speech - I can assist with that too. 

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