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Original Vows Writing Consultations (online) | £111 per hour

Want to write your own wedding vows, but not sure where to start?

I can coach you in the writing of an original, creative ceremony and vows that are pulsing with your true feelings, personalities and intentions for your future together. 


You may not think of yourself as a writer, or as a 'creative' person. I am here to show you that you can absolutely do this - it's all about finding your voice and writing words that you can speak with confidence and authenticity. 


Your words will be different from my words. I will set you writing tasks to free up your creative mind and voice, safely navigating your way to writing your own vows. The process is challenging - but also surprising and fun. Know that there is gold at the end of it!


During my theatre career, I specialised as a dramaturg (a person who works on the structure and cohesiveness of scripts) and a director who developed new writing alongside playwrights. I understand how intimidating the creative writing process can be, and I know how to collaborate. 


Your original vows are you expressing your feelings in the way that only you can. There is no right or wrong - it is something that only you can do, and it will make the world of difference to your wedding ceremony. 


I'll set preparation and follow-up homework to maximise our time together, whether you need one call or a short series. 

"Our wedding ceremony was truly spectacular and special ... It wasn't just the ceremony itself though - all of our sessions beforehand were so valuable and gave so much meaning to the ceremony, our relationship, and our marriage going forward. We are going to revisit our vows and all of the answers to the questions you asked us each year on our anniversary. It felt SO much more powerful doing that work and answering those questions than just turning up and repeating vows like last year. We feel like we have set up proper foundations and promises to each other now. We really feel so fortunate to have gone on this journey with you."

~ BEE ~

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