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Photo by Zoe Middleton

Why are you getting married?

This is the question us Humanist Celebrants usually start with.


You are not reading this because getting married is 'just something you do'. You are here because you are choosing to get married in a particular way that will give your marriage the best possible foundations for success. 


By engaging in this process, you HAVE to think about what you are doing - deeply. You will think about your relationship's challenges and strengths, what you want from your future together, and the experience you want to gift yourselves and your wedding guests through the ceremony. 


Perhaps you just want a no-holds-barred, full-bells-whistles-rocknroll P.A.R.T.Y that celebrates who you are as a couple - and lets everyone taste the joy of that. 

Or perhaps you want a private, quiet, immediate-family-only affair in your home.

Or perhaps you are eloping, just the two of you?


I am here as your messenger. With your consent, I am going to probe and cajole you, massaging out all of that essence and transform it into a meaningful, enjoyable ritual experience that brings on the party. 


I performed my first wedding ceremony in summer 2017 and became accredited with Humanists UK in Spring 2018. 

"I've never been to a ceremony where the celebrant has been so invested ."


Wedding Ceremony | from £1600


This is a process that is usually spread out over a long period of time. My fee reflects the time, energy, skill and experience that I bring to your wedding ceremony. 


Every process is a little different - these timings are a rough guide based on my past experience, to show you what is involved in creating this kind of ceremony.


* 5-7 hours of consultation calls with you, the couple (with preparation & follow up notes)


*  2-3 hours of interview calls with family & friends (with preparation & follow up notes)


*  2 days of scriptwriting and editing (including back/forth revisions between us)


* 2 hours (ish) of communications with you, your wedding planner, other suppliers


* 0.5 - 1 day of travel time to/from the venue (I usually travel in the day before so that we can have a rehearsal, and tends to be half a day each way, depending on your location)


* 1-2 hours for a ceremony rehearsal / walk-through (expect faff and late arrivals!)

* 1 day for performing the wedding ceremony (includes preparation and warm up - I rehearse)


* 1 hour editing a printable presentation script of the wedding ceremony as a keepsake, with custom illustrations


Travel costs and accommodation are additional to the fee (I am very happy to travel and have performed wedding ceremonies across the UK, Portugal and California).


I usually ask for 30% of the fee as a booking deposit, and setting up a payment plan for the remainder is no problem.

Photo by Carla Bonnet

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